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    Unlock explosive ball speed and spin.


    Prevent impact trauma and reduce muscle fatigue.


    Achieve more precision in your shots.

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Experience up to 14% increase in grip with Hesacore's pioneering beehive design.

Our grips are scientifically engineered to fit your hand’s natural contours, reducing vibration transmission to the body for injury protection and adapting a proper grip technique.

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  • "Feels great and helps with tennis elbow"

    "My elbow has improved significantly. No more holding the racquet too tight!"

    Matteo F.
  • "10/10. Amazing comfort & perfect ergonomic for the hand"

    "Hesacore grip is probably the best after-market grip you can add to your pickleball paddle. It was different at first but the more you use it, the more you'll love it. Once you get dialed in, your serves, dinks, volleys, and play style will improve."

    David S.
  • "I found the one!"

    "Hesacore has been a lifesaver and a game changer. It helps lock the paddle with my fingers while arm is relaxed."

    Alejandro T.
  • "Awesome Grip"

    "I use it on all my palas. Installing it's easy: replace the original grip with Hesacore and wrap with an overgrip"

    Emma W.

  • "No slip"

    "If you get sweaty hands even with overgrips, during long games under the sun, this prevents the racket from slipping"

    Nicolas D.
  • "Control on racket"

    "Easy to install. increased control of the racket."

    Antonio R.
  • "A Must-Have"

    "I played tennis for 22 years; and pickleball for a year, this is the best product I’ve ever used. This grip allows for a very confident grip with very little pressure. Reduces twist on off-center hits, and the hexagons seem to fit the hand perfectly regardless of grip position."

    Roberto E.
  • "Great grip"

    "Easy to install and very comfortable. It helps me put my fingers in the same spot every time and it helps keep my paddle from twisting when I hit a shot that is not in the middle"

    Luc M.
  • "Finger fit grip!"

    "What I like most about this grip is the way my fingers naturally fit into the spaces whilst I play. I am a paddle twirler between points and sometimes mid rally, this grip resets my hold perfectly and I feel a lot more confident playing with it. I had a reason to contact customer service (the product ripped) and was extremely impressed with how well they helped me resolve my issue. This will be my go-to grip"

    Miguel S.
  • "Relieved hand fatigue instantly"

    "I don't have to grip too hard anymore and it improved my soft game and dink with more precision. Installation was difficult but be patient. I did have to use hand lotion as a lubricant. Once installed you don't have to take it off. I used an over-grip to enhance the feel and comfort of my paddle"

    Gustav S.
  • "Terrific!! Way better grip !!"

    "This really helps me hit the ball with more precision. Friends are now buying too"

    Fredrik B.
  • "Must get!"

    "After applying the hesacore grip, this will change your gameplay!

    From comfortability to stability hands down the far best investment you can do for your racket!"

    Johan A.
  • "As advertised"

    "I have often had problems with my hand slipping on my grip. This cured the problem, extremely comfortable! Highly recommend"

    Robert A.
  • "This is all the rage"

    "These are the paddle handles everyone is talking about! So far so good. I feel like I have a cleaner and firmer grip. Sweat doesn’t seem to cause the handle to be slippery which is good!"

    Tanja H.
  • "Feels great. Helping with tennis elbow"

    "This has reduced the strain on my elbow due to tennis elbow. Will use on every paddle I buy in the future"

    Elise M.
  • "Love this grip"

    "Had to put two overgrips on though for more cushion - No issue installing- it is straightforward with included strips. "

    Erik M.
  • "A Game Changer for Tennis Elbow"

    "As a frequent tennis player, the Hesacore Tour Grip has been a revelation. It's not just comfortable, it significantly reduces the strain on my arm. It feels like it's made for my hand. If you're looking for a grip that provides comfort and relief, look no further"

    Michael G.
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